Disable Toast Notifications for Microsoft Teams

When you receive a message through Microsoft teams you get a toast notification and the icon flashes. You can choose to have these notifications enabled or not. However, when the "banner" notification is disabled the toolbar icon does not flash at all.

Is there is a way to disable the toast notification but keep the flashing toolbar icon intact?

I have disabled all notifications in the Notifications settings within Windows 10, but the toast notifications are still showing.


This screenshot is to confirm that Microsoft Teams does not show up within the Notifications & Actions settings window:

Screenshot of he Notification & Actions settings window

Edit 2

The version of Teams I have installed is (64 bit). It was last updated on 04/05/2018.

Edit 3

There is now a suggestion on Microsoft's User Voice forum surrounding this feature. You can follow it here: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/32624690-turn-off-message-preview-in-notification-toast

Is there is a way to disable the toast notification but keep the flashing toolbar icon intact?

It appears what you want will not be possible.

Based on, Notifications in MS Teams, the following is true.

Here are the results from some of the testing I did in understanding the MS Teams notifications model. I’ve run this by someone on the MS Teams product team and they tell me I'm "absolutely correct".

enter image description here

The user concluded the following:

You cannot turn off notifications for:

  • Personal mentions

  • Followed channels

You can turn off notifications for:

  • Team mentions

  • Channel mentions

  • Replies to conversations I have started

  • Replies to conversations I have replied to

So it appears that toast notifications for Microsoft Teams cannot be disabled, still keep the taskbar icon flashing. It's possible the toast notifications still appearing, in the Activity Center even after they are turned off for all applications, is actually a bug with Microsoft Teams though.