KDE Plasma 5 switch between windows with arrow keys

I recently upgraded to KDE5. Something that is really annoying is that Alt+Tab does not have proper behavior. Specifically, in KDE4, when I pressed Alt+Tab, then let Tab go while still pressing Alt, I was able to switch between windows using the arrow key and go in forward and reverse order. Now this does not seem possible anymore. I went to K > System Settings > Window Management > Task Switcher and played around with the options, but no configuration seems to be able to bring this behavior back. Furthermore, since I have virtual workspaces and use Alt+Arrows to switch between them, whenever I try to add Alt+Arrow as shortkey in the Task Switcher, it tells me that it will overwrite the global command. There must be a way to avoid this conflict during Alt+Tab invocation since it worked perfectly in KDE4. Any suggestions?

I also needed this feature very much, my concern was mostly using arrow keys when KDE task switcher is active. so I built a little tool for it called karrowswitch which emulates (shift+) tab/gravy-accent key when the task switcher is active and arrow keys are pressed. Feel free to try it.

KArrowSwitch adds support for arrow keys in KDE default alt+tab/grave-accent task switcher. it is very simply implemented, it detects alt+tab/grave-accent (hence an active task-switcher state) then it emulates "tab/grave-accent" key when right/down arrows are pressed, and "shift+tab/grave-accent" for left/up arrows.