Windows 7 or Windows 10 as Virtual Machine guest for best performance? [closed]

As this is a general question, I believe it can be answered generally. A properly configured virtual machine, one with appropriate resources, should operate as efficiently as a host machine. With that said, the question is really which OS performs better.

This study does an excellent job of breaking performance down into the following categories:

  • Boot, Sleep, and Hibernation speeds
  • Benchmark Computing (i.e. relative performance benchmarking)
  • Storage (i.e. read/write speeds)
  • Applications (e.g. browsers, Adobe, compression utilities)
  • Encoding (i.e. object conversion rate and efficacy)
  • Gaming
  • Overall

The general conclusion is that Windows 10 will perform, for most purposes, without showing noticeable differences from Windows 7. The performance margins in most cases are negligible to the end-user (milliseconds). Please note that you do have to properly allocate resources to the VM for optimal performance.