Input/output error when attempting to mount a Windows NFS share

Solution 1:

This is solved. On Server 2012:

  1. Opened Server Manager -> Shares

  2. Removed the existing share

  3. Deleted the previously shared folder

  4. Started a new share using the New Share Wizard enter image description here

  5. Selected NFS Share - Quick then clicked Next. enter image description here
  6. Selected a new folder to share in Type a custom path then clicked Next. enter image description here
  7. Confirmed Share name, local path and remote paths then clicked Next. enter image description here
  8. On the Authentication window, I selected No server authentication (AUTH_SYS), then selected Enable unmapped user access by UID/GID and made sure the Allow unmapped user acess by UID/GID radio button was selected. Then clicked Next. enter image description here
  9. On the Share Permissions window, I clicked Add.

  10. An Add Permissions window popped up. Here, next to Host, I entered the IP of the remote Linux computer that would be mounting, left Language encoding to ANSI, and set Share permissions to Read/Write. I then clicked Add at the bottom which closed the Add Permissions window.
    enter image description here

  11. On the Share Permissions window I confirmed settings entered in the previous step, then clicked Next. enter image description here
  12. On the Specify Permissions window, I clicked Next without making changes. enter image description here
  13. I confirmed settings on the Confirm selections window then clicked the Create button. enter image description here

Then from my RHEL7 system I issued:

mount -t nfs sss.sss.sss.sss:/somedata /mnt/somedata/

Where sss.sss.sss.sss is the IP of the Server 2012 system.

From the RHEL7 machine, I confirmed write access by issuing

date >> /mnt/somedata/date.txt

Then checked that the file existed from Server 2012.

Solution 2:

When creating an NFS share from Windows Server 2016, the above instructions helped alot. One important piece is to also install the File Server Resource Manager role. Prior to that I only got input/output error and linux reported mount as nfs version 3. Afterward, linux reported nfs version 4.1 and the mount worked.