Regex: How to find all html lines with english words from the tags whose content is written in another language

I have this html tags:

<p class="BEBE">着名的文学评论家Love有一些重要的东西来说,关于总是分享胜利的人才,转向他们的起源:</p>

<p class="BEBE">着名的文学评论家 有一些重要的东西来说,关于总是分享胜利的人才,kiss 转向他们的起源:</p>

So I must find all lines with at least one english word from the tags whose content is written in another language (cz - chinesse for example)

But I don't wanna find this: (because doesn't have english words)

<p class="BEBE">某些,真正的经济学,真正预测的是神圣的本质</p>

My regex doesn't work, seems to find all tags:

FIND: <p class="BEBE">.*[^\x00-\x7F]+.*</p>

Or, this regex finds only those html tags that contains only chinesse words, without english.

FIND: <p class="BEBE">+(?!\w+[\x00-\x7F]).*</p>

But I need only those tags that contains at least on english word

You have extra spaces in your regex:

<p class="BEBE">.* [^\x00-\x7F]+ .*</p>
#         here ___^    and   ___^

remove them:

<p class="BEBE">.*[^\x00-\x7F]+.*</p>


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enter image description here

The Solution, thanks @Toto

FIND: <p class="BEBE">+(\w+[\x00-\x7F]).*</p>

also, If you want to skip the tags that contain <em> or </em>

FIND: <p class="BEBE">+(?!\w+</em>)+\w+(\w+[\x00-\x7F]).*</p>


FIND: <p class="BEBE">+(?!\w+<em>).*(\w+[\x00-\x7F]).*</p>