Recoll: Can I safely exclude ~/.recoll from a full system backup?

Solution 1:

Yes, you can.

As a matter of fact, I let it start with option -c at /mnt/usb-C/C-gegevens/workeRmachine/.recoll which also has the xapian-database. The alias I use is stored in .bashrc, namely:

alias recoll='recoll -c /mnt/usb-C/C-gegevens/workeRmachine/.recoll'

(Do use >> .bashrc!!!)

In the .recoll/recoll.conf I used:

"topdirs=/mnt/usb-C/C-gegevens/workeRmachine/Documents      /mnt/usb-C/C-gegevens/workeRmachine/Pictures"

And I regularly keep the user directory safe by issuing:

rm ~/.recoll