Does Git flow deletes branch on remote server?

Looking at the source it seems that the remote feature branch is deleted only if you call git flow feature finish with -F.

However, this fetches the remote before finishing the feature. From the docs:

-F fetch from $ORIGIN before performing finish

Otherwise you can delete the remote branch manually with:

git push origin :feature/new

May I suggest using the git-flow AVH Edition.

Like Stefan said, the original version only deletes the remote branch when you use -F, which is kinda strange. The AVH Edition fixes this quirky behavior, it will always delete the local and remote feature branch on a finish, unless you specify either

  • --keep, which keeps the local and remote.
  • --keeplocal, which keeps the local, but deletes the remote.
  • --keepremote, which keeps the remote, but deletes the local.

You can find git-flow AVH Edition on github.

What I had to do:

git flow feature delete -f name_feature

The -f is necessary if there are changes inside the feature branch.

git push origin --delete feature/name_feature

That is to delete the remote branch as well.