How to upload file to remote node in Rundeck?

Solution 1:

In your project config, set up SSH as the default Node Executor and set up SCP as the default File Copier. Then create a job that has a File Copy step followed by a Command step ("Execute a remote command"). You will also need to set up an appropriate node source for the project. It looks like this: Job Setup - Workflow

- defaultTab: nodes
  description: ''
  executionEnabled: true
  id: c7579365-98a9-4503-8192-149e41bfd711
  loglevel: INFO
  name: Copy File
  nodeFilterEditable: false
      excludePrecedence: true
      keepgoing: false
      rankOrder: ascending
      successOnEmptyNodeFilter: false
      threadcount: '1'
    filter: group:dev site:auburn service:bioraft3
  nodesSelectedByDefault: true
  - name: File
    type: file
  scheduleEnabled: true
    - configuration:
        destinationPath: /tmp/${file.File.fileName}
        echo: 'true'
        recursive: 'false'
        sourcePath: ${file.File}
      nodeStep: true
      type: copyfile
    - exec: cat /tmp/${file.File.fileName}
    keepgoing: false
    strategy: node-first
  uuid: c7579365-98a9-4503-8192-149e41bfd711