How to adjust screen size for VirtualBox VMs?

I'm trying to use FreeBSD on VirtualBox, and everything seems to be working fine.

However, I'm quite annoyed by the default size of VB VM screens.

The BSD console just has a very low resolution and dimensions, and I want to know a way to enlarge it.

(Even if I change the size of the containing window, or fullscreen the VM, the screen always keeps its dimensions...)

Solution 1:

A solution I use myself is to use ssh to login to the VM from the host.

You can set that up by

  1. enabling sshd in the VM
  2. forward a port to the VM by going to VM settings, then Network, then Adapter ??, then Port Forwarding and entering 'SSH : TCP : : 2222 : : 22'.
    • 2222 can be anything but a port used on the host machine.
    • allows ssh access to the machine only from the host to the VM.
  3. [Optional] Add an entry in your .ssh/config:

    Host VMbla
        Port 2222

You can now login to your VM with ssh VMbla.