Restore EaseUS Todo Backup PBD to VirtualBox

I'm hoping someone can offer some assistance - I'm trying to restore a PBD backup file (containing a full OS and system backup - made using EaseUS Todo Backup) to a blank/new VirtualBox VM, and can't seem to get anywhere. The PBD file was originally on an external USB drive, and while I could get the blank/new VM to see the external USB drive via enabling USB in the VM settings, it then wouldn't see the WinPE ISO file I'd attached to the VM in order to be able to do something with the PBD file.

I then tried to move the PBD file to a new hard drive VDI file I'd created, figuring I could attach this VDI, another VDI that would ultimately be where the PBD file contents were restored to (and be the primary hard drive of the VM), and the EaseUS WinPE ISO (in order to facilitate the restore), but this didn't work either (I can't quite remember what didn't work when trying this, as by this point it was getting late and I was getting tired and running out of steam).

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to accomplish this? I had thought this would be relatively easy, but it seems like it isn't unless I'm just overlook something simple (which is likely). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Solution 1:

EaseUS Todo Backup can convert a PBD file to VMware format (VMDK) which is usable by VirtualBox. Unfortunately, if you are using EaseUS Todo Backup Free then it doesn't support this function for converting images.

  1. Open the PBD file in EaseUS Todo Backup
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Select Convert image.
  4. Select the disk or partition image file you want to convert.
  5. Select the location to save image file, enter name and then select the format type as VMware.
  6. Select location and format type
  7. Click Proceed.